12 Little Projects in 2013

As I mentioned in 12 New Languages, I'm learning a new programming language each month in 2013. To go along with this effort, I need a dozen things worth building -- one for each language.

I'm going to try to play to the strengths of each language. Here's the initial lineup:

  • Icon: "bucher" -- write books containing tons of code, using Markdown
  • Go: "gebildet" -- better than bucher
  • Common Lisp: yet another "make" tool; rogue-like game
  • Scala: finance app with a Swing UI
  • Java: a simple word game for Android
  • Dart: rogue in "html5"
  • D: ?
  • Ruby: ?
  • Groovy: scraping git (via jgit) for more-than-stats (finding buggy modules?)
  • Fortran: ?
  • Squirrel: ?
  • Forth: ?

(Scheduled projects subject to change at my whim...)

Posted on 2013-01-14 by brian in tools .
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