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What Makes a Nice Programming Language

(I started this post about halfway through the Year of New Programming Languages, and wrapped it up in December.)

At the midway point I was most excited by Common Lisp, but with doubts I'd be using it for anything real. By the end of the year my favorite new ...

New Language Wrapup

Learning a new programming language each month this year was an ambitious goal. I didn't quite make it -- other things got in the way. I did manage to dip my toes into some interesting languages, learn some new things, and find a couple of candidates for diving deeper into ...

Recovering Photos From a Bad Hard Drive

I've had a couple of friends ask me if there's any way I could read family photos off a dying hard drive. Obviously, the best way to do this is to have a backup: then you can throw out the hard drive (use an electronics recycler) and restore ...

Testing HTTP Basic Auth in Flask

I created a quick & dirty admin page for a flask-based website I'm working on, and I had to add HTTP authentication support for it. Doing this is easy.

In the app, I add:

import auth

# ...

@app.route('/admin/', methods=['GET'])
def admin_page():
    # ... code to fetch info from ...

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