12 New Languages in 2013

I'm setting a personal goal in 2013 to learn a new programming language each month. Obviously, I won't be able to learn any of them in depth, but I plan on completing a small project in each language.

  • January: Icon
  • February: Go
  • March: Common Lisp
  • April: Scala
  • May: Java (oh the horror!)
  • June: Dart
  • July: D
  • August: Ruby
  • September: Groovy
  • October: Fortran
  • November: Squirrel
  • December: Forth

(Scheduled languages subject to change at my whim...)

Edit: 26-Jan, swapped Groovy and Go in February.

Edit: 18-Feb, drop Clojure for Common Lisp, swap Groovy with Lisp in March.

Edit: 1-May, drop Pike for Java (to enable an Android project), move Scala to April.

Posted on 2013-01-05 by brian in tools .
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