Firefox Quick Search for Google Maps

I recently found myself wanting to quickly figure out how far (both miles and driving time) it is to various destinations. At first I was keeping a Firefox tab open to Google Maps and kept keying in the address for the destination. Then I realized that I could make a "Quick Search" and get the info faster. Add this link to your Quick Searches folder:,+ Manchester,+NH+03101&daddr=%s&output=html

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Edit the properties so that the "saddr=" part is your start address. Change the keyword to "gm". This is set to only output simple HTML (no map). If you want the full map, remove the &output=html on the end.

Now, when you need to get a quick idea of how long it is going to take you to get somewhere, open a new tab and type "gm city, state".

Posted on 2009-02-18 by brian in news .


my gm is for GMail ,,, ;)

Mathieu Gagnon Gagnon
2011-02-25 20:12:10
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