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Make apt-get use an alternate sources.list

Since my [former] company's product is based on ubuntu, we use apt to distribute upgrades. We don't normally want customers to pull upgrades from the upstream distribution, so we've pruned back the main /etc/apt/sources.list to include just our server. We rename the original default ...

Firefox Quick Search for Google Maps

I recently found myself wanting to quickly figure out how far (both miles and driving time) it is to various destinations. At first I was keeping a Firefox tab open to Google Maps and kept keying in the address for the destination. Then I realized that I could make a ...

Contact Me

There used to be a form here to contact me, but it is no longer here.

You can send email to the obvious username at this domain.

Migrated to WordPress

Just switched from Blogger to WordPress. Several links are broken (I will fix these soon), and it looks like subscribers are probably going to see a bunch of duplicate posts. Sorry about that...

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