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Removing Defects From Django Apps

I'm working on a set of Django apps right now. Here are some of the things I'm doing to filter out defects as I work:

Design Review

I do a handwritten (paper) design. I like to design offline — I find that this forces me to do two things ...

Productivity: It Comes from Software Design Rather than Software Tools

I just read Scott Bellware's [Productivity: It Comes from Software Design Rather than Software Tools][].

These bullet points — the core of his argument — are excellent (quoted here): > - Design quality is the most important factor influencing > productivity in software development > - The things that obstruct quality degrade productivity > - The reductions in ...

Five Reasons to Slow Down

Here are five reasons you should wait before moving on to the next phase of your software development process:

  1. Get the requirements right. It's so often repeated that it's almost a cliché to say that requirements errors will cost 10x or more to fix during coding or testing ...

Jason Cohen on QA vs.QC

Jason Cohen of Smart Bear Software has a brilliant blog. His post on QA vs. QC is something I've talked about in the past. I love his example of the Pringles manufacturing line discarding off-color chips -- it's a concrete, understandable way to define the difference between QA and ...

Five Simple Ways to Kill More Bugs Today

Here are some simple things you can do - today - to find and prevent bugs in your code. These take very little effort to implement and do not cost any money. (And typically don't require management approval.)

  1. Turn on warnings.
  2. Make warnings break the build.
  3. Review your code.
  4. Get a ...

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