How to Tell SSH Who You Are

Ssh has amazing capabilities that you probably aren't using on a daily basis.

The capability that you probably aren't using, and the easiest to use, is customizing your config file (in ~/.ssh/config) for the various servers you log into.

For example, I frequently log into about ten different servers using at least four different usernames. By default, if I type ssh server the client will use my login name on the client machine to try to log into the server -- which is usually wrong. Instead you can tell your ssh client which username to use on each server. (Thanks to Rich Adams for the tip.)

You can customize a variety of settings -- not just the username. For example, I specify a different identity file for a couple of servers.

This saves a bunch of typing and occasional confusion. (By avoiding login errrors as I try to log into a server using the wrong username and can't figure out why my password isn't working...)

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Posted on 2009-11-30 by brian in ssh .
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