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Today's Time Log Is Tomorrow's Historical Data

The only good way to create any kind of a reliable estimate is by using (your own) historical data.

If you are trying to create an estimate for a new project and are having a hard time, don't lament your lack of historical data. The best thing you can ...

Time Tracking Input Mechanisms?

Do time tracking tools have a low uptake because it's tedious to enter your activity data?

What do you use to enter time / activity data into your tracking tool?

If you don't use time tracking, is there a specific reason or is it just not something you've ...

Eight Reasons to Use a Time Tracking Tool

I just finished the time tracking application for Bale. This is a tool that is key to many other practices, but is very underutilized. (I wonder if this is because so many developers are worried about Big Brother type intrusions into their working habits? See below for why Big Brother ...

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