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Getting Scalatest and Scalacheck to Work

ScalaTest is a decent library for testing scala code. It integrates with ScalaCheck for "property based testing". In this type of testing, you specify properties of a class or method, and the library generates test cases. I haven't done much property based testing, and it sounds interesting, so I ...

Writing a Simple SBT Task

In a project I'm working on, I wanted to copy a fat jar to a remote machine for testing.

The sbt-assembly plugin is handy for making a fat jar, but I didn't find any convenient plugins for just copying the jar somewhere. (SBT's built-in publish mechanism is ...

Enjoying Scala's Compactness

As I slowly learn my way around the Scala APIs, I'm enjoying the expressiveness that is possible. You can do a lot with just a little bit of code.

Operating on Files

For example, I needed a way to perform an operation on every file in a directory tree ...

Building a Single File Scala Executable

I'm from a C background with a hefty dose of Python, mostly on linux systems.

My preferred mode of delivering software is as a single executable file. I hate having to explain to users that they have to install a half-dozen support libraries. (This is less painful on modern ...

Getting Set up for Programming in Scala on Debian

Things we need to be able to use Scala on Debian (everything below will likely work on Ubuntu as well):

  • Scala itself, of course. apt-get install scala will pull in a bunch of packages -- all the java stuff, etc. However, note that sbt will happily pull down whatever version of ...

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