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Making Caps Lock an Additional Control in XWindows

Background: I just built a new computer, and "upgraded" to Ubuntu 12.04. I've been a fan of Ubuntu for a long time (first Debian, then Ubuntu because of the faster / more predictable release cycle). But you can add me to the list of people unimpressed with the "Unity ...

Turning Photos to a DVD Slideshow

The task: take a bunch of photos from my digital camera and burn them to a DVD that would play the photos as a slideshow in any DVD player. (Actually, the task was to figure out how to do this in the simplest possible way, and make a set of ...

Fixing Certificate Errors with Cisco AnyConnect

"AnyConnect cannot confirm it is connected to your secure gateway. The local network may not be trustworthy. Please try another network."

There may be several reasons for this error, which you'll find on other pages that hit for a search on this string.

The reason that I encountered seems ...

An Interesting pid File Race

ISC's dhcpd uses this code to check for an already-running daemon:

/* Read previous pid file. */
if ((i = open (path_dhcpd_pid, O_RDONLY)) >= 0) {
    status = read (i, pbuf, (sizeof pbuf) - 1);
    close (i);
    if (status > 0) {
        pbuf [status] = 0;
        pid = atoi (pbuf);        /* If the previous server process is not still running,
           write ...

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