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Controlling Audio with i3

As I mentioned in the last post, I've switched to the i3 window manager. After fixing the Caps Lock key, the next order of business is getting the audio keys on my multimedia keyboard to control audio output. (It's nice to be able to quickly mute or pause ...

Data vs Code

I'll take an array over a giant switch-case statement any day.

  1. The array definition will be more compact and easier to see all at once.
  2. Defining actions in an array enforces uniformity.
  3. You can put checks in the code to automatically verify that the array definition is complete. (I ...

Don't Forget dmenu

When you install i3 on Ubuntu via apt-get install i3-wm, it should come with dmenu, but it doesn't.

Dmenu is a handy launcher that you can (by default) invoke with mod-d, then start typing the command you want to run (with dynamic completion) and press enter when the command ...

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